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Fish Species

There are four main fish species that you can expect to catch (and catch and catch and catch!) at the various camps within the Moccasin Trails Adventures group.  Walleye (also called, “pickerel, eh” up here in Canada), northern pike, lake trout and brook trout, (also known as speckled trout) roam the cold, clear lakes and rivers of our traditional territory.  


Canada’s most popular fish is the walleye… and it’s easily the most delicious too!  And, if you like catching walleyes, you’re going to have the fishing trip of your life!  Basically, speaking, walleyes are found everywhere in the entire region and they’re so easy to catch.  Typical sizes range anywhere from about 16 inches on up to about 20 inches and those are the ones you want for the pan!   Each year, however, our guests nail a few in the 28 – 30 inch range… that’s about ten or eleven pounds of golden fish!

Northern Pike

 Big gators are common in our traditional waters

How about wrestling with a northern pike in the, oh I don’t know, let’s say, 45 – 50 inch range?  We’re talkin’ 30 pounds plus!   Big pike or “gators” as some people call them are plentiful in our lakes and rivers.   Easy to catch, aggressive and not very fussy, these explosive fresh water sharks will put on a battle that just might cause the bearings in your reel to “red line.”  Don’t be surprised if the odd one jumps into your boat and tries to “body slam” you, while the two of you are in the midst of vicious battle.  It’s common for even a smaller, five pounder, to clamp down onto a 20 inch walleye that you are just about to scoop up into your net.  (“Hey, that’s my meal,” says Mr. Northern.) 

Lake Trout
Some of the camps have lake trout… a lot of lake trout.  And, yes, they get big too!  Twenty pounders come up every year and they know how to fight!  A hefty laker would take you on a rod bending, line stretching battle that can easily last 20 minutes.  The little ones taste great too and are preferred table fare by some anglers. 

Brook Trout
Also called speckled trout or simply, “specks,” this fish is the prize of the fast, cold and clear waterways that run through our traditional territory.  If you are a fly angler and would like to catch the “trophy of trophies” or the “crème de la crème” of fresh water fish, then the brook trout is calling your name.  Have you ever seen a true wild brook trout that is pushing six or even seven pounds?  You just might if you go fishing with us.  Two to four pounders are common and each year, specks well over five pounds are taken by our guests.  That’s right, I said five pounds!

Yellow Perch
You’ll likely catch a few perch while jigging for walleyes.  A big one would go about ten inches.  Perhaps even more delicious than they walleye, yellow perch are a real treat on the dinner table.


This whitefish is a little bigger than the average size

These bright, silver fish are fairly common throughout the region, so don’t be surprised if you nail one while fishing for walleyes in the fast water.  A big one would be about five pounds while two pounders are the norm.  Whitefish are tasty, especially slow smoked over an open birch-wood fire.

Many First Nations People prefer whitefish over walleye, so that tells you something!

You might, inadvertently, catch a lake sturgeon while out on the lake.  If you do, it must be released immediately since there is no open season for sturgeon.  So, take a super-fast photo, then let ‘er swim!

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