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photos of float plane at dock, aerial of lakes, fishherman wearing Moccasin Trails Adventures hat, moose and sumset on the lake at Chipai Oupost

Moccasin Trails Television Program

In September, 2011, a pilot was produced at Lynx Head Camp on Chipai Lake, with host, RD, the “Rugged Dude” and featuring veteran guides, George and Jonas Whitehead from Webequie First Nation.

Tentative plans are in place to produce the 13 episode series beginning in June, 2012.  RD will host along with one of the guides at the various camps where the shows are taped. The series will be produced with a “two camera shoot” on the latest Panasonic high definition cameras.

The pilot has been sent to six major broadcasters in both Canada and the United States and we have received letters of approval (intent to broadcast) from all of them and the series premier is planned for January, 2013.  Television distribution will also include European countries such as Germany, France, The United Kingdom, Sweden, Spain and Italy.  And, of course, the shows will be available on-line as well.

There will be no sponsors on the program other than the Moccasin Trails Group itself, so there will be virtually no commercialism on the show.  So, if you’re getting tired of fishing shows that have become infomercials selling “the latest this or that,” you’ll thoroughly enjoy our program.  It’s going to be a lot of fun too!  George Whitehead is already practicing how to write his autograph in the English language… He is also hopeful that his newly found celebrity status will get him a date with Dolly Parton. 

The videos are embedded here:


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