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Traditional Feast
For decades now, the People of the Ojibwe First Nation have been considered experts when it comes to outdoor cookery and in particular, gathering and preparing traditional aboriginal foods.

When you’re in camp, your guide or attendant will discuss a basic schedule with you and you can decide on which day you would like to experience what we call the “traditional feast.”

Spuds always taste better cooked outdoors!

While your gang is out on the lake catching fish and having a great time, we’ll be busy back at camp getting things ready for the feast. Staples like fresh, crispy fried walleye and seasoned potatoes are always on the menu, along with traditional foods like locally harvested wild rice and bannock (a type of “quick bread” made over an open fire) will make you go back for seconds… and maybe even thirds!

Depending on the time of the season, you may also dine on moose, caribou, rabbit, partridge, duck, goose, smoked sturgeon, fiddle heads, blueberries or high bush cranberries, all prepared with tradition and Ojibwe culture in mind.  Of course, good ol’ fashioned canned beans will make an appearance from time to time as well.  “Gotta have some beans, eh!”

Offering of Tobacco
It is customary for Ojibwe People to present an Offering of Tobacco and say a short prayer to The Creator when we take something from the land.  The offering, sometimes placed on a piece of birch bark, will have a very small portion of each of the foods to be eaten with dinner.  The offering will then be placed beneath a tree. 

Here is a link to one of our traditional feasts from 2011.  Enjoy this short video, but please try not to drool on your foot.

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