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If you’ve been on fishing or hunting trips in this remote part of Ontario before, you probably have enough experience to know that the conditions can vary greatly and change quickly.  Especially, in the first half of June, you can enjoy mid-day temperatures of 70 or 75 degrees Fahrenheit one day and receive an inch or two of snow the next.

Hopefully, you’ll experience weather like what you see here!

For the most part, from early June through mid-late September the weather is quite nice, even “hot” at times throughout July and August.  During the summer of 2011, it was common to experience daytime highs of 30 degrees Celsius for days on end.  But, a more common daytime mid-summer high would be around the 22 Celsius mark.  (See the conversion chart below.)  

Yes, we’re “up north,” but we’re not “way up north” in the Arctic Circle somewhere.

Even in mid-summer though, it’s a good idea to bring a warm sweater and a decent coat.  Driving across the lake in the early morning or late evening might bring a little chill to your bones.  Bring a pair of gloves too.  If your hands get cold you may not be able to tie a new jig onto your line, or in the worst case scenario, you may not be able to unzip your fly if mother nature calls.  You’ll be “in a pickle” then, wouldn’t you say?  Keep your ears warm as well.  Bring a hat.

We recommend you bring (and use!) plenty of sunscreen as the northern sun often brings with it a strong UV index of 6 or higher.  And, lip conditioner can make your vacation a little more pleasant too.  (Just don’t let the guys at work hear about this!)  Remember, you’ll be out on the lake a lot of the time and the fresh air and wind can cause some nasty cases of chapped lips.  Not very pleasant… 

It is definitely possible to bring way more warm clothes than you’ll need.  But do bring enough to keep you warm and comfortable on your vacation, especially, if you’re booked for early-mid June or mid-late September.  Those are what we call the “Well, you never know periods.”  Above all, bring a good quality rain suit - not a $5.00 “poncho in a bag” from Wal Mart.  Bring a good water proof full body rain suit.  You’ll be glad you did!

Canadians have been using the Celsius system to measure temperature for quite a while now and most of us have become used to it.  You however, may not be… so here is a conversion chart for you to consider.   This may help if you are conducting an on-line search of the anticipated weather for the region of your trip. 

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Conversion Chart: Celsius to Fahrenheit

C          F


-50          -58

-45          -49

-40          -40

-35          -31

-30          -22

-25          -13

-20          -4

-15          5

-10          14

-5            23

 0            32

5             41

10           50

15           59

20           68

25           77

30           86

35           95

40           104



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